Tank Trouble


Tank Trouble

About Game:

Tank Trouble is an awesome tank-battle game. In this game you will control a tank, of course, and you will fight with your opponents in the vast mazes. Your mission is simple: destroy your opponents and become the last survivor in the maze. With amazing graphics and gameplay, I believe you will have fun moments playing this tank-battle game.

Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked has 3 modes for you: 1 Player vs Laika, 2 Players and 3 Players. In 1 Player vs Laika Mode, you will fight 1VS1 with Laika - a smart AI of the game. Do not think you can beat Laika easily. I myself have been killed by Laika 7 times and I can only destroy it once. In 2 Players Mode and 3 Players Mode, you can invite your brother and your friend and compete together. That would be great tank-battles.

The interesting point in this game is that each time you shoot; the bullet will change direction as it touches the walls. Note that the bullets will not go away for a long time. So you need to move your tank wisely to dodge the bullets in the maze. Besides, you have many options to customize before you enter the battle. For example, you can on / off weapons (laser, death ray, flag bomb), custom Mazes (regular, our homemade, other people's), or select the Controls (more fair mouse control, smooth collisions). Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • 1 Player:

Use arrow keys to control the tank and press M to shoot.

  • 2 Player:

Player 1 use SDFE and Player 2 use arrow keys to control the tank.

Player 1 press Q and Player 2 press M to shoot.

  • 3 Player:

Player 1 use SDFE and Player 2 use arrow keys and Player 3 use the mouse to control the tank.

Player 1 press Q and Player 2 press M and Player 3 use the mouse to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

Your bullets can kill you.

Each tank-battle will begin with a new maze.

Sometimes, the power-ups will appear in the maze.

Tank Trouble Unblocked Game: 

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Now, enter Tank Trouble Unblocked, join the tank-battles and destroy all your opponents. Play now!

Tank Trouble Gameplay: